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Creswell Crags - case study for

Creswell Crags and LED caving lamps

Creswell Heritage Trust recently opened a new visitor centre at the renowned Creswell Crags, a world famous archaeological site. One of the prime attractions at the Crags, along with its limestone gorge and lake, is its collection of Britain's only known Ice Age Cave Art, found in some of the impressive caves along the gorge. There is no mains operated lighting to the delicate cave environment as this would undoubtedly create a detrimental impact on the important and unique archaeology to be found here.

Visitors to Creswell Crags can be taken on guided tours of the caves using helmets and KL5M LED cap lamps from which not only enhances their visit to the caves and their overall experience of the site but negates the need for any form of artificial lighting within the caves.

Chosen to supply Creswell Crags with LED cap lamps

The Creswell Heritage Trust approached a number of suppliers of LED cap lamps when they needed to replace their current stock and, after careful review, chose to supply the full complement of their lamp requirements. This includes several space-saving rack chargers which provide an ideal storage and charging solution for the larger user.

The KL5M lamp satisfied the Trust's requirement for a lightweight and portable, but extremely rugged and robust light that will perform well when used constantly for many, many underground trips by visitors. Tamper-proof screws, highly impact-resistant battery housings and and sealed cable entries at both headset and battery minimise the risk of accidental damage. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is a much more environmentally aware alternative to using expensive disposable batteries and there is no risk of leakage, which can be a problem with other types of battery cell. The durable and sturdy construction of the KL5M lamp, along with its tamper-proofing, makes it an ideal choice for this 'show cave' environment.

Cave tours run weekends and school holidays, and fun family events run throughout the year.

Why not visit the Creswell Crags website for more information?

Creswell Crags - home to Britain's only known Ice Age cave art. Click on this image to open the Creswell Crags website in a new window. Image copyright © Creswell Crags 2008.

Creswell Crags - home to Britain's only known Ice Age cave art

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